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Bot Configuration#


If you want to generate traffic to your website using proxies, you can use bot mode. From the 9Hits App windows, active the Bot Mode tab, press the button to open the bot setting window.

Exchange Mode

General Setting#

  • Proxy Type: Specify the type of proxy you intend for the bot to use, supported types include: HTTP, Socks4/5 and SSH.
  • Proxy Source: The source to your proxy list, can be a path to a file on your computer, or a url. If left blank, the app will read the default file config/bot/proxies.txt. The proxy in your list needs to be in the correct format ip:port;user;password;country;timezone_id;longitude;latitude where ip is required, remaining fields are optional. If the proxy has full information about the country, timezone, geo. The app will use them to spoof on the browser, you can use the GEO tool to achieve this. Here is an example of a proxy list:;root;admin;TH;Asia/Bangkok;100.4536;13.7653;admin;admin;TH;Asia/Bangkok;100.5003;13.6855;user;user;TW;Asia/Taipei;121.5422;24.9389;user;user;TW;Asia/Taipei;121;24;test;test;IT;Europe/Rome;9.1922;45.4722;admin;0l0ctyQh243O63uD;CL;America/Santiago;-70.6653;-33.4513;support;support;RU;Europe/Moscow;37.6068;55.7386;user;user;TW;Asia/Taipei;121.5324;25.0504;system;OkwKcECs8qJP2Z;NG;Africa/Lagos;8;10;admin;123456;CZ;Europe/Prague;15.9509;49.3364;user;user;TW;Asia/Taipei;120.4859;23.1355;support;support;TW;Asia/Taipei;121.5422;24.9389;user;admin;IT;Europe/Rome;9.2545;39.2279;system;OkwKcECs8qJP2Z;NZ;Pacific/Auckland;174.7679;-36.8506;admin;admin;TH;Asia/Bangkok;100.5172;13.7512;user;user;TW;Asia/Taipei;120.3139;22.6148;system;OkwKcECs8qJP2Z;CO;America/Bogota;-75.2374;4.4337;admin;0l0ctyQh243O63uD;CO;America/Bogota;-74.0943;4.6089;system;OkwKcECs8qJP2Z;ZA;Africa/Johannesburg;18.4811;-34.0486;user;user;TW;Asia/Taipei;120.5408;24.0662
  • Update URL / Frequency Check: Please read the cusom update document.
  • Browser Data: Tell the bot how to handle website data, the options are: Clear All, Clear Cache Only, Clear Cookie Only, Keep All

  • Auto Start: Auto start the bot once the app is open.

  • Loop Forever: Loop your proxy list forever. If you disable this option, the bot will stop when all your proxies has been used
  • Random Proxies: Use the proxies list randomly
  • Random Campaigns: Use the campaigns randomly
  • Disable JS/IMG/CSS: Disable the respective content
  • Hide Browser: Hide the browser while the bot is running
  • Web Security: Toggle web security policy

Hourly Thread#

You can set the number of threads (number of browsers running at the same time) by hours. It may be the same or different

Hourly Thread

Monitor Sessions#

Once your bot is started, you can monitor the status of your running bots here.

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