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Profile Mode#


Unlike the Bot Mode, Profile Mode allows you to create and manage separate profiles, for registering/logging multiple accounts on the same website or any similar purposes.

From the 9Hits App windows, active the Profile Mode tab

Profile Mode

Profile properties#

  • Title: Naming your profile
  • User Agent: User Agent string, default is chrome
  • Urls: Links to receive traffic, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Referrers: Link to fake sources, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Main Macro: Macros to execute while the profile is running.
  • Popups Macros: Macros to execute on every opened popups.
  • Duration: How long should the website is open (in seconds), 0 mean unlimited.
  • Browser Width/Height: Browser size.
  • Proxy: Proxy information: Type, server, user/pass
  • Visiblity: Show/Hide the browser
  • Timezone: Timezone to spoof
  • Block Request: Block urls on the browser by patterns or regular expression.
  • Languages: The browser language
  • Max Popups: Maximum number of popups that can be opened.
  • JS/IMG/CSS/Websicurity: Enable/Disable the browser features
  • Plugin and mime types: Spoof browser plugins
  • WebGL: Spoof webgl fingerprint
  • Inject Script: Inject javascript code to run on your webpage.
  • Reorder headers
  • Remove headers
  • Override headers

Spoof GEO location

Spoof Screen information

  • Canvas fingerprint
  • Audio fingerprint
  • Rect fingerprint
  • Font fingerprint
  • WebRTC spoof
  • CPUs spoof
  • Memory spoof