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Getting Started with 9Hits#

Opening a free account#

It is free to register an account at 9Hits, click here to create one.

Running the 9Hits Application#

Install and run the 9Hits App, get your token key at the profile page. You may wanna read more about the app configuration.

App Configuration

Active the Exchange Mode tab, press the button to add a new session, then press the button to start exchanging traffic with the other members.

Quick Start


By running the application, you will start viewing other members' websites in the system and earn POINTS to your account.

Point Balance

Creating a new campaign#

To start getting traffic, create your first campaign here. For more details, see the Campaign Manage. Once your campaign is ready, you will start getting views from other members in the same way you view them with the 9Hits App. You will pay 1 POINTS for every 1 second your website is viewed. You can earn free POINTS by running the app as instructed, or just buy it here.

Create campaign

Getting help#

Feel free to create ticket, join our discord or forum.