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Custom update#


In case you have a lot of computers which running the bot, and you need to change the settings for these computers in bulk, such as proxy list, campaigns, user-agents, or anything else.

If you just want update your proxy list only, it is recommended to set the Proxy Source option to an URL link to your proxy text file. Eg: So every time you need to update your proxy list, just update the file proxies.txt on your host.

How does it works?#

In the setting, we have two options:

  • Update Url: URL to check your update version. It should be a simple text file, containing the content in the following format: version_number|download_update_url
  • Frequency Check: Time to periodically check your update version from the Update URL in minutes.

The bot will periodically check for the information from your Update URL. Your latest version number will be saved at the config/bot/custom-version.txt file.

If the saved version number is differs from your version number on the Update URL, the bot will download the zip file from the download_update_url, unzip the update file and restart itself.

For example we have an Update Url is with the content


In the Update Url, the current version number is 9999, to do the update, we just need to prepare a new update file and upload to, in this example it is, then change the version number in the file to let the bot know that it needs to download the new update file. For example:


You can see the current custom version of your update from the 9Hits Panel, it is the CustomVersion column.


The update file will be extracted from the root directory of the app, so please note the directory structure and files in your update file.

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