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Manage your campaigns#

Open campaign manager#

From the Bot Mode tab, press the button to open the campaign manager

Bot Campaign Manager

Campaign properties#

  • Title: Naming your campaign
  • Urls: Links to receive traffic, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Referrers: Link to fake sources, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Duration: Range of duration to view your website, the bot will view at a random duration between the range that you set
  • Enabled: Enable/Disable the campaign.
  • Main Macro: Macros to execute while the browser is viewing your site.
  • Popups Macros: Macros to execute on every opened popups.
  • Max Popups: The number of popups allowed to open.
  • Block Request: Block urls on the browser by patterns or regular expression.
  • Languages: Set the browser language by country of the current IP viewing your website. By default it will be en-US, to make this feature work, you need to GEO your proxy list.
  • Inject Script: Inject javascript code to run on your webpage.
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